How Are We Different?

Better Off is an Outcomes Australia, project made up of groups of change management experts at the top of their respective fields working together to deliver proven interventions to reduce the strain on Australia’s health system as a result of overweight and obesity.

Better Off is neither a research nor an advocacy project; it is an outcomes-focussed project that exists to work itself out of existence. Following the articulation of proven interventions addressing overweight and obesity in particular segments of the population, new teams will be formed to ensure leading practice is adopted and fully implemented to deliver real outcomes for the Australian community.

Diabetes isn’t an issue with one simple solution; so leading practice is more difficult to define than it was for organ donation in the ShareLife project. This said, once we break the problem down into smaller pieces, proven programs and interventions start to emerge. There are commonalities we’ve already identified with successful community-based interventions and national policies across Europe, Latin America, Asia and the USA. We’re working directly with experts across the globe to fast track our analysis of the interventions that are working and how they can be implemented in Australia.

At the end of our first stage in 2016, we will have identified and prioritised the proven interventions most likely to deliver success in Australia. We will then move onto full articulation of the chosen interventions, including activating the community, resourcing and implementation. Our experience with the ShareLife project means we are not only focussed on getting leading-practice solutions funded; we’re focussed on making them work. Our job ends when these solutions are delivering bang for buck.